Robotic inspection solution – ScanTrack Robot

The first all-in-one touch and scan robotic inspection solution

ScanTrack Robot is based on a laser scanner attached to a multi-axis robot wrist. It provides an accurate and reliable production metrology solution. Working with Metrolog X4 i-Robot software, Scantrack Robot is perfectly suited for applications requiring flexibility and productivity. It’s a fully integrated solution that helps to reach the target of numerous parts controlled each day with efficiency and low maintenance level.

Kreon 3D scanner reliability

Working for more than 20 years in many industries all over the world, Kreon scanners have shown their reliability. The Zephyr II Blue laser scanner is mounted on the AirTrack Robot providing its benefits:

  • High accuracy on any kind of material, even on shiny surfaces, without consuming time for part preparation: sprays or markers are not necessary
  • Touch probe under the scanner for contact measurement
  • Compactness enabling data acquisition on complex shape parts with hard-to-access zones
  • Measurement accuracy fully independent of robot precision due to AirTrack tracker
  • Temperature compensation
  • AQC settings and optimisation

Metrolog X4 i Robot

Metrolog X4 i Robot is a fully automated solution, integrating optical CMM, 3D laser scanner, robot and Metrolog software.

Metrolog X4 software is used for comparative analysis of dimensional characteristics of the part compared to its CAD definition, flush and gap, sections and surfaces. It provides a full control of robot directly from Metrolog X4, programming robot trajectories directly from the CAD model.

Time savings due to offline programming:

  • Complete flexibility when part is modified; simple update of the trajectory inside Metrolog X4.
  • Independence of robot accuracy: tolerant to robot drift, warm-up and backlash.
  • No need for cyclic robot calibration.
  • Virtual scan datas to configure measuring range.

Technical specifications

Scantrack 1000 Scantrack 2000 Scantrack 3500
Measurement Volume 1.5m to 4.5m (10m³) 1.5m to 6m (20m³) 1.5m to 7.5m (35m³)
Single Point Accuracy Up to 20 µm Up to 20 µm Up to 20 µm
Volumetric Accuracy 80 µm + 2.5L/100 95 µm + 2.5L/100 110 µm + 2.5L/100