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ScanFlex Premium ZII:

This is portable 3d laser scanning sample solution with ultra-fast speed for 3d scanner market .

Level of integrated of scanner’s head and the robot’s arm is an optimal, and the combination of friendly and easily for user. The scanner’s head of KREON ZEPHYR II also can intergrate with CMM machine.

Fast sampling speed and accuracy is expanded solution for applications.

Ø High effective solution for details.

Ø Solution of quick and accuracy for scanning sample market.

Ø Solution of friendly and easily to use.

Ø Compatible with CMM machine.

ScanFlex Premium ZII



Volume (m)


Accuracy (mm)


Speed (pts/s)



    The exist and competition on global depend on ability in improving competitiveness by yourself or knowledge, experience was built for many years. Vcamtech Co.,ltd meet both of two above aspects, combine the professional solutions and many years of experience team always capture and find out the utility solutions for you. Established since 2004, Vcamtech is currently known asone of the top of Viet Nam suppliers of technique, training and delivery of technology in 3d scanning and testing fields.

The utilities that Vcamtech bringing for customer:

Ø Transfer any physical shape to digital format.

Ø Save time and cost in develop product process

Ø Compatible with any CAD system

Ø Vcamtech meet the scanning service for the customer’s products

Ø You will receive the serving and dedicated consulting from our engineers

Ø Guarantee quality of service

Reverse Engineering Services
This is fast data processing solution and convenience be used more in professional design companies.

An mechanical design system leading industry with outstanding tools to prototyping and edit 3d data.

With closed  working process create high-level models and that is the one of accuracy design solution.



Inspection Services

These solutions do the job very quickly, accuracy, create comparision pictures between physical models to be scanned by 3d scanner and the first design model.

Production control and manage supplier’s quality.

Ability in supplying the best quotation for each sandbed.

Geomagic Qualify is powerful in design simple report so that fit the environment working of your company.



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