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3D Rapid Prototype
3D Rapid Prototype

Application products: 

Auto                                       Architecture                             Consumer goods
MedicalCultural - Arts Mould & Die

Vcamtech bring benefits ...

  • Build plastic parts with smooth surfaces and “true-to-design” detail feature
  • Produce multiple models on one tray
  • Import .stl design files into a computer running 3D System’s configuration
  • Durable plastic parts used for functional testing
  • Mono color parts (can be sanded, painted, drilled, tapped, plated...)
  • High revolution
  • Improved designs, enables faster & better informed decisions
  • Develop more ideas and breakthroughs
  • Time and money saving for new product development process
  • Vcam-tech meets all your demand about 3D rapid prototype
  • Our technical team always consult and serve you
  • Vcamtech commits to provide quality service

Please contact follow:

Mr. Lam Hoa Binh
Mobile: 0903 699 145