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PEPS Pentacut Laser

PEPS Pentacut Laser is an industry leading 5 axis Laser CAD/CAM system developed specifically for the general engineering, automotive and aerospace industries. It offers an intuitive environment for the comprehensive programming of multi-axis laser or water-jet cutting machines.

Features at a glance:

    • Intuitive graphical user interface
    • Extensive range of CAD interfaces; both for import and export
    • Comprehensive machine and postprocessor database
    • Locate large parts with simplified part location system
    • Automated Fixture Design
    • 'One-click' application of toolpath for inner and outer profiles
    • Manual application of toolpath for selected areas
    • Edit cut technology and nozzle setting at unlimited positions
    • Total control of nozzle angle; either interactively or explicitly
    • Create and apply saved technology data at any point
    • Inter- and Intra-cut collision detection
    • Full Solid 3D simulation of machine, nozzle and part