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PEPS Surface Milling

PEPS Surface Milling is a leading 3D surface machining CAD/CAM system developed specifically with tool & die and mould manufacturers in mind. It offers an intuitive environment for the design and comprehensive programming of complex parts.

Features at a glance:

    • Intuitive graphical user interface
    • Extensive range of CAD interfaces; both for import and export
    • Fully integrated CAD functionality
    • Tool library with holders, cutting parameters and sister tooling
    • Area clearance roughing and rest roughing toolpaths
    • Adaptive roughing
    • Flat surface machining of planar surfaces
    • Complete list of finishing strategies; including Zigzig, Waterline, Profile, Radial, Spiral and Morph
    • Rest machining of fine details
    • Combined finishing using multiple strategies
    • Tapered tools supported on all cycles
    • Smooth point distribution, and smooth transitions
    • Full gouge protection
    • Toolpath verification and simulation
    • Configurable postprocessors
    • High speed machining
    • Full Solid 3D machine simulation