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PEPS Wire is an industry leading Wire EDM CAD/CAM system developed specifically for the precision engineering, tool-making, mould & die, press and extrusion tool industries. It offers an intuitive environment for the comprehensive programming of all Wire EDM machines tools.

Features at a glance:

    • Intuitive graphical user interface
    • Extensive range of CAD interfaces; both for import and export
    • Comprehensive machine and postprocessor database
    • Feature recognition from solid models with projection onto cutting planes
    • Roughing and finishing cuts easily applied to multiple punches / dies
    • Variable land heights for extrusion dies and clipping tools
    • Solid and Wireframe projection wizards
    • Multiple tagging options with auto tag removal
    • Reverse cutting with offsets and cutting technology changes
    • Knowledge-based cutting schemes
    • Multiple strategies for corner types; including square ISO and conic
    • No-core pocket destruction of round and irregular shapes
    • Full Solid 3D simulation, part sectioning and part comparison
    • Option involute gear design module (for ISO / AGMA) and formed turning tool module available