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PEPS Milling
PEPS Milling is a leading CAD/CAM system that provides a practical and intuitive solution for the offline programming of 2 and 3 axis Milling machines, with support for indexable rotary axes. PEPS Milling is used in thousands of product manufacturing, precision engineering and tool making companies around the globe.

Features at a glance:
    • Intuitive graphical user interface
    • Extensive range of CAD interfaces; both for import and export
    • Comprehensive machine and postprocessor library
    • Selectable machine settings; including turret configuration, tool change position, etc.
    • Standard Hole cycle functions; including drilling, tapping, boring and thread / spiral milling
    • Profiling of simple or complex geometric boundaries with cutter radius compensation
    • Extensive pocketing cycles; including circular, rectangular, slot and irregularly shaped profiles
    • Canned cycle output for standard pocketing cycles; square, circle and slot
    • User configurable and expandable Tool and Material database
    • User controllable cutting depths, direction, tool overlap and finishing allowances
    • Machinable fonts with user definable style, size, shear angle; inline or around an arc
    • Fully customisable solid visualisation of machining sequence; including tool shape
    • Sub-programming output for suitable control systems
    • Calculation of cycle time for complete part