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Geomagic Software

With Geomagic software, you can transform scan data of physical objects into highly accurate digital models for applications ranging from reverse engineering and quality inspection to engineering analysis and visualization.

Portable laser scanner - ScanFlex

ScanFlex is the perfect solution for reverse engineering applications, and inspection for quality control. Point clouds and geometries are collected within its workspace with a simple manual movement of the user.

Handheld laser scanner - ScanTRAK

ScanTRAK™ is an advanced 3D laser scanner that combines NDI’s Multi-Sided Probe (MSP) and Perceptron’s ScanWorks® V5 laser scanner. ScanTRAK allows you to instantly capture complex geometries—even reflective surfaces—that are translated into a common coordinate frame to produce digital 3D models. As part of NDI’s PRO CMM product, ScanTRAK delivers the highest shop-floor accuracy for inspection and reverse engineering.