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Plug in and Create with Confidence

A choice in 3D Printers - Personal, Professional or Production

Depending on your needs, there’s a reasonably priced, V-Flash Personal 3D Printer or ProJet 3D Professional or Production 3D Printing System that’s just right for your application. Check out the specs. You’ll be amazed at the power and control you’ll have – right in your office.

3D Printers and integrated materials - for any application

From 100% RealWax for investment casting, jewelry and dental applications to hard, durable plastic prototypes, tooling and functional parts to accelerate product development - no matter what design challenge you face, we have a 3D printer to help you succeed.

Exceptional Part quality and durability - without compromise

Excellent quality parts with the finest features, thinnest walls and razor-sharp detail on corners, edges, raised and embedded lettering and organic shapes.   Parts can be drilled, machined, painted or metal plated to produce life-like product mock-ups without extra finishing or sanding.

Easy use 3D printers - you can Create with Confidence

Features like fully automatic job submission, unattended operation and quick start guides will have you printing in no time at all. Support removal is fast and easy – delivering the true to design results that you expect from the industry leader.