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The new KREON Solano 3D laser scanner presents the fundamental characteristics of a contact and non-contact 3D measurement device. It drew its inspiration from its predecessors' specificities and was designed to be used with both simplicity and efficiency. As a low-cost scanner, Solano presents high performances for a very good quality/price ratio.


Aquilon is the next –generation laser scanner, designed to suit the most demanding customer requirements.
Aquilon is specifically designed for applications including high accuracy measurement on technical parts and complex shapes requiring high point density for inspection or reverse engineering applications.


The range of Kreon Zephyr scanners includes 3 different models: the KZ 25, the KZ 50 and the KZ 100 scanner.
Very versatile, the ZEPHYR scanner offers solutions to the needs in retro-engineering and inspection in various environments. That multivalent scanner is the ideal choice to switch between a measurement arm and a coordinate measuring machine.


The new scanner ZEPHYR II is the most competitive solution for the most demanding applications. The ZEPHYR II is particularly well adapted to applications that both require speed and accuracy. Thanks to the revolutionary AQC feature (Auto Quality Check), the measurement quality is completely under control of the user.