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CNC Milling Center

     The Machine Tools Division of Fair Friend Group was established in 1985. The main products during its beginning stage were Sawing Machines and Grinding Machines. Realizing the industry trend toward high automation and unmanned operations in the machine tool industry, the development in CNC Machine Tool was launched in the same year, and the brand name FEELER was established for the overseas marketing   
     Fair Friend's products are manufactured by a complete system of R&D, manufacturing, inspection, and testing. This level of advanced manufacturing equipment, combined with the great care paid to every step throughout the manufacturing process, assures the optimum performance of each Fair Friend CNC Machine Tool.
    Over the years, Fair Friend FEELER Machine Tools have earned a world-class reputation for product excellence and reliability. This success is the result of our innovative design, in-house machining capabilities, and rigorous quality control. In order to manufacture machines that fully meet customers' requirements all around the world, we utilize an advanced and integrated manufacturing system. At the core of Fair Friend's manufacturing capabilities are our state-of-the-art production facilities.