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CAD/CAM Softwares

VISI is one of the industries leading design and manufacturing solutions for the mould & die industries, providing the toolmaker with unsurpassed levels of productivity.

Shop Floor CAM - Machining STRATEGIST

Machining STRATEGIST is a powerful 3D CAM product that generates optimum CNC toolpaths from the complex shapes generated by all major 3D modelling systems.

Specialist CAM Technologies - PEPS

PEPS is a supplier of specialist CAM technologies. Its powerful machining techniques enable the user to minimise programming time, streamline production and save money.

NC-Program Visualization - Cimco Software  

CIMCO Integration develops and markets software for Computer Integrated Manufacturing. Our product line includes CNC-Editors, DNC software for storing and retrieval of NC-programs, NC-program optimization, post processors, and rapid NC-program simulation.